The Nameless

by Allison Rose

Outcasts of Faerie have lived unseen and secluded from humans. Until now.
When a strange dark magic threatens the human world, sixteen-year-old Nola seeks the help of Kelty, an outcast faerie she discovered with her rare magic sight, to help her stop it.
Reluctant and wary, Kelty must choose between turning her back on the helpless humans or sacrificing her chance to return to Faerie, which is only possible if she remains untainted by human contact.
The outcast responsible for Kelty’s banishment is playing his own dangerous game. He might be the answer to defeating the dark magic. He also might destroy them both.
Will the truth be discovered before the dark magic is unleashed upon the human world?
For fans of dark YA fantasy, complicated romance, and breathtaking magic, The Nameless is a tale unlike any other.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban