The Mouse

by Lauretta Hignett

“An absolute gem of a book. Love, love, LOVED it!” – Amazon Review

Sunny O’Sullivan has a lot going on right now. She’s just trying to get through the last few months of high school – without her overly-dynamic new friend Annabel getting her into trouble, and without attracting too much attention from Jake, the school sleazebag. And she’s trying to make sure that no one at her new school finds out the freaky truth about her birth – that her mother was struck and killed by lightening just moments before Sunny was born.

Luckily, Sunny turned out fine. She just feels a slight tingling in her hands, whenever she’s relaxed and happy.

Until one day, the tingling turns into something much more.

“A rollercoaster adventure with the hottest new superhero around.”

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Superhero