The Midlife Gemini’s Guide to a Bad Horoscope

by Kate Karyus Quinn, Demitria Lunetta, and Marley Lynn

I’m Maddie, and I was just your typical supermom in a minivan,. But now I’m a super powered woman riding shotgun on the back of a hot demigod’s motorcycle. How is this my life?
It started on the night my husband died, which is when I also found out he was married to two other women! Even worse, the cheater left me to deal with a magic globe that’s given me strange powers.
Suddenly I can split in two…or even three! It’s weird and exciting, but also good timing. I need all the extra hands I can get. Goons are invading my house, determined to get the artifact no matter who they have to hurt.
There’s also the sexy demigod, Aden, who tells me that our fates are intertwined. Even though he acts like I get him all hot and bothered, I’m sure he just wants to get his hands on the artifact. But what if I’m wrong…is it possible this superpowered hottie actually wants me – boring old Maddie?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Midlife Capricorn’s Guide to a Bad Horoscope

by Kate Karyus Quinn, Demitria Lunetta, and Marley Lynn

I’m Helena and my high-powered lady-lawyer life has always been enough for me…until I found my one-night stand dead in my bed.
Now, I’m suspected of murder, and the horns that have sprouted from my head have marked me as a supe, even though I’m not one. My career is in shambles and my reputation ruined—all because of a billionaire tech genius who wants the magical artifact that’s landed in my lap—even though I never wanted it in the first place.
Then there’s my attraction to Ford, the hot incubus professor. I can banter with him all day, but I won’t allow things to go any further than a battle of wits. I don’t need anyone else, and I’m not going to succumb to his charms. Even if he smells like gingerbread and makes me think all kinds of sexy thoughts.

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