The Middle Age – Sword Troubles

by Steve Conley

★★★★★ “beautifully drawn” and “laugh out loud funny”

His love has been captured by dragons, his sword hates him, and – let’s face it – he’s not getting any younger. Welcome to The Middle Age.

Sir Quimp is in luck! He has just discovered the legendary Blade of Woe. It’s exactly the magical weapon he needs to rescue his sweetheart.

The Blade of Woe, on the other hand, is out of luck. It’s just been discovered by an idiot on the most cliché quest ever.

Can a bumbling, middle-aged knight save his love, avoid starting a war with dragons, and not get killed by his own cursed sword?

The Middle Age – Sword Troubles is the first volume collecting Steve Conley’s “fantastically funny” and “wonderfully illustrated” webcomic series. The story has received multiple honors including “Best Cartoonist” and “Best Webcomic” nominations in both the Eisner Awards and Ringo Awards.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery