The Mender

by Jennifer Marchman

A lost time traveler, a Comanche warrior, and their love across clashing worlds.

The multiverse is broken. Mender Eva, a true believer in the time-traveling cult of Lux Libera, has dedicated her life to merging the world’s reality, one shattered universe at a time — but she can’t do that while stranded in 1835 Texas.

Injured and separated from her mission partner, Eva must find a way home. And there’s another problem: the handsome young farmer, Jim, who rescued her. If she’s not careful, he may have her questioning everything she’s ever believed.

Jim, a former Comanche captive, has been forced to return to Anglo society as an adult. A man of his word, he aims to keep a promise to an old friend even while he struggles to find acceptance within Austin’s colony of San Felipe. But first, he must come to terms with his past and the things he did to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History