The McMurdo Rift

by Bradley Lejeune

One ex-wife. Her missing husband. A mysterious alien race.

Earth created a grand and far-spanning empire. It rebelled.

What should have been an easy victory became sudden defeat when the alien Koru allied themselves with the breakaway colonies, and an attack on Earth by a powerful ship almost brought the homeworld to utter ruin.

Mark Franklin was the one-time fighter pilot who saved the world, but at a terrible cost.
That was ten years ago, now he runs the bar on the S.S. Olympic, an aging starliner on the backwater run through a sector known as The McMurdo Rift.

When a familiar passenger comes onboard he knows he’s got a difficult decision that can’t be put off any longer.
Should he help his Ex-wife find her missing husband… and how are the mysterious aliens involved.

If they can’t find a way to stop the Koru build-up,
It won’t just be Earth in the crosshairs…

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera