The Matriarch Matrix

by Maxime Trencavel

“A truly unique piece of fiction with the Matriarch Matrix, blending together several seemingly unrelated topics into a masterpiece of international intrigue. Iron fisted politics, organized religion in the light of existential crisis, and the simple story of international love combine for a thrilling page turner that hovers between the edges of poetry and prose.”

“The reader follows many lives in the past and the present, starting with a dream. It is through dreams the past communicates with the present in a unique, profound way. While there are many characters to navigate in this story, Zara and Peter are at its center. The book contains many misfortunes of those in the ancestral DNA and those who are linked to them in the present, finding heartbreak, triumph, and ultimately love. The book is a worldly adventure from start to finish.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian