The Martian Diaries: Vol. 2 The Day Of The Martians

by H.E. Wilburson

A new War of the Worlds begins as Martian Tripods return to Earth in this unmissable sequel to the classic book. The terror of the coming of the Martians is all but a distant memory, a bad dream that has faded with time. All George wants is a quiet suburban life – but one morning his newspaper reports the discovery of an unopened Martian cylinder from the first alien invasion, Could there be Martians still alive inside after more than ten years? The first alien attack was enough for any lifetime, but who would expect to be involved with two? Can George and his wife escape this new Martian apocalypse and how will our planet survive a second time? The Day Of The Martians continues the iconic Mars novel by H.G. Wells, in this exciting, action adventure – the first volume of The Martian Diaries series. Start this award-winning 3 part continuation of The War Of The Worlds today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History