The Maiden’s Thorn

by Dan R. Arman

What’s a soldier do when there are no wars left to fight? What’s a fighter to fight for when the one woman she cared for is gone?

Teuta was the Night Maiden’s guardian and sister in arms. She protected her from an assassin’s hands, but could not shield her from the betrayal by the very king that she fought to put on the throne. And she would have gladly traded places with her when she made the ultimate sacrifice to end the generations-long war against Fiorian invaders.

Now Teuta must find a way to move on with her life and carry the burden of a life full of scars. But the arrival of a pretender threatens to open old wounds and throw the kingdom of Orloins into chaos.

The race is on to unmask the false Maiden before a shadowy organization can get their hands on her and use her for their own evil designs.

Maiden’s Thorn is a stand-alone novel within the Night Maiden series.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Kamatari and Minoru go to the Library

by Dan R. Arman

Into every generation, there is a Chosen One, an individual with special powers destined to save the world from ultimate destruction. He is a champion that will face down evil with skill and bravery, defying all odds against him.
Kamatari is NOT that man. Yet, he may be the best hope Orloins has to avert disaster.
Kamatari and Minoru go to the Library is a stand-alone anthology in the Night Maiden universe and companion volume to The Maiden’s Thorn.

Previously $3.99

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