The Luck Child

by Rebekah Shafer

Cabernet would give almost anything to be remembered–except his freedom.

Cursed to be eternally forgotten, Cabernet grew up walking a dangerous, lonely line between the world of mankind and the world of fairy. Now he wanders ceaselessly, known only by a faceless reputation as a rogue and fairy aficionado.

Then the king dares order him to eliminate a magical foe in northern waters. As an increased annoyance, he is saddled with a stiff naval officer, the king’s elderly personal advisor, and the advisor’s nurse, a charming young woman named Rosemary who can inexplicably remember him.

Sea perils and fearsome monsters blindside his every trick and turn. Moreover, he is somehow growing fiercely attached to the human tag-alongs. As his enemy’s deadly net tightens around them, Cabernet must face the terrors of his past in order to save his new-found family–and future.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age