The Lost Prophet

by Fuad Baloch

A prophet from the past. A world under invasion. To save his homeland’s future, he must pit ancient powers against a space-age enemy.

Medieval prophet Gulatu Koza often looks to the heavens and imagines his eternal reward. But when his day of reckoning arrives, he wakes up to an Earth 800 years in the future. Above him, he’s shocked to see familiar stars sharing the sky with strange ships in flight. No sooner than he makes his peace with the curious new world and the alien colonists living alongside humans, a hostile fleet arrives with a bloody purpose.

Gulatu must figure out his purpose in life and his place in this new Earth.

If you like mind-bending adventures, earth-destroying stakes, and a touch of philosophy, then you’ll love this compelling tale of time travel and extraterrestrial invaders.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary