The Loranth

by Jean Kilczer

Enter Jules Rammis: Exobiologist. Explorer. Reluctant Hero.

On planet Tartarus, Jules searches for the missing link between the reptiles of the alien world to mammalian life on Earth. Eccentric and a bit of a loner, Jules is soon enlisted to find the missing archeologist Christine Saynes. Preferring the company of the sanctuary’s animals to that of any other, however, it is a quest he takes with much protest.

But unknown to all who live on the planet, beneath their feet lie the sea-dwelling Loranth. Intelligent and peaceful, they are content to let the Terrans be… all but the one in whose lair Jules unwittingly stumbles. Taken captive, he learns of the alien’s cruel and vindictive plan to destroy Earth. This wakens dark and long-kept secrets within Jules and he realizes he has but one choice: Allow his guilt to swallow him whole, or step up and save all humankind.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact