The Lone Ranger

by Matt Honorato

Bam had worked his whole life for this moment.Finally, he would be able to become an apprentice lawkeeper. In the village of Blackford, there was nothing better a boy of his age could ever hope for. And yet, Bam will soon find out that destiny might just have a different plan for him.

In the grim, cloudy, night of his first watch duty, the hand of fate will cause an encounter that will change the lives of two people and the whole world around them, as a world of wonder and magic followed that mysterious lone wanderer approaching from the forest road.

Follow the fast-paced adventure as a new world comes to life and the future of Blackford hangs in the balance.

Monsters, magic, and loads of adventures. Accompany Bam and the legendary Somber Wolves in a series that will keep your eyes glued to your e-reader’s screen.

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Category: Dark Fantasy