The Limpet Syndrome: How to Survive the Afterlife Book 1

by Tony Moyle

John’s dead…but his biggest challenges have only just begun.

Hell has a problem. Two actually. The souls of Sandy Logan and Ian (Cher) Noble are missing and the fate of the Universe is at stake. John’s deal to regain his life sounds easy. Until he discovers they’ve both been reincarnated as pigeons and could be anywhere on Earth. What’s more they died trying to stop the Prime Minister unleashing Emorfed, a substance designed to remove human emotions, on the unsuspecting public.

John will have to travel to Hell and back, possess a sex addicted rock star, evade an OCD agent who can’t leave a room until he’s shut the door three times, discover the secrets of the Limpet Syndrome, locate Sandy‚Äôs soul and bring down a government all before the summer solstice. In his pursuit to discover the truth of his own death, John is about to find out that death isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History