The Lighthouse of Kuiper

by E.M. Rensing

Earth is lost, humanity’s presence there a mere footnote in history. Now, the human race clings to a precarious existence in the void, scattered across the solar system. The line between life and death has never been thinner.

Nothing in Ambera “Tharsis” Chen’s life has turned out the way she hoped. A military commission and assignment out beyond Mars’s gravity well seemed like a grand adventure. Instead, she’s stuck at a dead-end base with a terrible commander. Disillusioned, all she wants to do now is serve out her time and go home.

So when a friend offers a night of dimension-hopping fun, Tharsis can’t resist. Who cares if it’s illegal?

But her friend’s intentions are far from innocent. And the Kuiper, silent for decades, has begun speaking again.
Soon, Tharsis finds herself racing across the system, embroiled in a plot to reawaken an ancient power, calling out from beyond the ed

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Category: Hard Science Fiction