The Lighthouse of Kuiper

by E.M. Rensing

Earth is lost, a distant memory. Now, there is only the void. The scattered remains of humanity adopted a desperate scheme. The Tenancy, with its undying Landlords, rules the system with an iron fist.

But not even they can silence the whispered promises from the darkness. When the Landlord of the Kuiper speaks, war follows.

Into this comes Tharsis. Lieutenant Ambera Chen. A young woman from the Tharsan Bulge on Mars, she thought a commission would be her ticket to the adventure of a lifetime. Instead, she’s stuck at a dead-end base with a terrible commander. International politics are the least of her problems.

But when a friend offers a night of illicit dimension hopping fun, Tharsis finds herself in the middle of a deadly plot to rewaken an ancient evil. Can she find the strength to break the cycle of chaos? Or will war engulf the Heliosphere once again?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera