The Lighthouse in the Sky

by B.Y. Yan

“Firefly meets Inglorious Basterds in an alternate history epic!”

1936. China. A whole new frontier exists in the war-torn Orient, and the crew of the Sky-Fortress class bomber Goosefare will take any job to make their fortunes.

From Constantinople, Captain Cross is coerced to train aviators in the Middle Kingdom. However, things take a complicated turn when he and his merry band accidentally kidnap the Chinese President, and find themselves on the run from Imperial assassins. A chance foray into the Devil’s Sea leads to the haunting realisation that their 1900s is but one of infinite possibilities, with nothing set in stone.

If history is a canvas upon which anything is possible to change, then the Empire of Japan will stop at nothing to get their hands on the strange aircraft and its reality hopping ability. Their destination? Pearl Harbor… and the United States!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History