The Light: Houston, Texas

by Joe M. Solomon

Robert Walker scans through TV channels in search of entertainment and instead finds one news report after another that warns of violence erupting in the streets.
People are savagely attacking one another all along the East Coast. Some speculate it may be related to the strange lights that have appeared in the sky above the outbreaks. Before any solid conclusions can be drawn, however, the brutality spreads, sweeping across the country. Robert and a few others manage to survive the first wave and find themselves in the midst of civilization’s blackest period. Hours later, as those strange lights continue to dominate the sky, the vicious horde undergoes a new transformation.
Unable to reach his fiancée by phone, Robert sets out to find her, joined by a small ensemble of fellow survivors. The miles they cover are fraught with danger as they witness the genesis of a new Earth.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian