The Light After Earth

by Kate Haley

Al isn’t just a spy, he’s one of the best covert agents alive. At least, he was before everyone in the system started dreaming about him. Now his cover’s blown and he’s out of his depth, scrambling for answers to a mystery humanity has never been able to solve. The Goo. The great cosmic, planet-eating substance that swallowed whole systems.

No one knows what it is or how it works, least of all Al, but the message is out there and time is running out. The Goo is shifting. Now, it’s up to Al and his crew to investigate. With his life destroyed and desperation setting in, Al is forced to embark on a trip no sane person would dare. Al’s search for answers risks everything as he seeks the key to humanity’s survival and unlocks dark secrets of our existence.

Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera