The Librarian of the Haunted Library

by Brian Yansky

After an altercation with a clown, I get lost in the woods and find a strange town. When the librarian of the town dies in front of me and I try on his ring, I’m declared the new librarian by the mayor and townspeople. I get to live in a houseful of books. But I soon learn the job involves more than just tomes and information. In fact, my first assignment is to discover who murdered my predecessor. Meanwhile, I learn that the town is a whole lot stranger than I’d first thought and I’d thought it was pretty strange from the first. The library has a ghoul and a ghost, which seems excessive. Not everyone in the town of Eden is alive or even human. A headless seductress (she carries her head around with her) propositions me, but may also be trying to kill me. Can I survive my new job and this town? Time will tell.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban