The Legacy of the Key

by S.L. Morgan

What if all life existed because of you?
Reece Bryant’s everyday life of being a college med student is torn apart when she meets two mysterious men who whisk her away to a strange new realm. They plead for her to trust them, insisting they are sworn to protect her. She learns of an impossible secret about herself. If she doesn’t go with them, she must face the possibility that a dangerous enemy will discover who she truly is.
As Reece navigates through an enchanting kingdom, she slowly accepts her destiny. With help from the handsome Guardian, who is also the Emperor’s son, she finds herself never wishing to return to her old life.
Reece adapts to this new place against everything she believes is right, but then falls in love with the wrong man, provoking dangerous consequences for all.
All lives are at stake, and all realms are at the brink of destruction.
Only Reece can fix this now.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

The Uninvited

by S.L. Morgan

In an enchanting realm that fought hard to protect The Key from being exposed, dark enemies return to make peace…or is it another trap?
Return to the enchanting realm and uncover the mysterious events that have Levi and Reece fighting for the balance and safety of their own lives.

Previously $2.99

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