The Legacy of Lord Regret

by Sam Bowring

The great warrior Rostigan wanders the wilderness, weary of bloodshed yet disturbed by a growing corruption of reality itself. The earth trembles, the sun flickers like a candle in the breeze, and falling leaves keep on spinning, never to reach the ground.

Such things have not been seen since the rule of Lord Regret, who put his hand behind the world and wrenched at threads he found there. And while Regret has been bone and dust for many years, Rostigan suspects the damage he caused only worsens, warping the patterns behind all things.

Perhaps the land can weather the taste of apples being lost to memory, but when the Wardens – ancient heroes whose victory over Regret drove them mad – return from their graves to spread chaos and destruction, Rostigan is finally forced to knock the dust from his sword.

“I have rarely read a fantasy novel so engrossing.”
– Courier Mail

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Category: Fantasy – Epic