The Last Phantom (The Phantom Chronicles, Book 1)

by T.C. Edge

She’s been hunted all her life. Maybe it’s time to stop running…

Chloe Phantom has never been able to settle for long. At least, not since she was a girl. Living up to the promise she made to her genius father, just a week before he was killed in a fire at his lab, she’s been on the move for years. And worst of all, she doesn’t know exactly why.

All she knows is that her father made her different. That the nanotech he put inside her is giving her strange powers and keeping her safe. And that the people who killed her father are now after her too.

Living quietly in a deep ‘earthscraper’ in LA, she’s found some semblance of peace. But when her cover is blown once again, and her identity revealed, she has no choice but to run.

Soon, her enemies start closing in again, and Chloe has had enough.

Enough flight…it’s time to fight.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian