The Last Culling

by Rachael Vaughn

In the coastal city of Merilaad, magical and non-magical citizens live in harmony, unaware of a dark secret that threatens to destroy their society.

Elena, a talented apprentice mage, is loyal to the city’s all-female ruling council, who use Culling ceremonies to maintain order and ensure that no male with magical abilities will ever again wield his power to oppress and destroy. Even after Elena’s own brother is revealed to be a mage and swiftly put to death, Elena keeps her faith in the council to rule in the citizens’ best interests.

Until Jascha changes everything.

When her closest friend and childhood companion manifests magical abilities that will surely become his death sentence, Elena is suddenly faced with an impossible choice: should she sacrifice the person she cares about most for the good of her city…or risk her own life to help Jascha keep his deadly secret?

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History