The Last Archide: Complete Series

by Chad R. Odom

Oryan Jeckstadt is born a slave. His father, a disgraced general, raises him alone in the prison he doomed his son to. With the promise of securing his father’s freedom, Oryan is ripped from the Quarter and forced into the Centauri Games.

Eleysa Celeste has been orphaned. Loving grandparents do their best but her anger is only flamed by the cruelty of the children around her. A local Centauri training facility owner takes her under his wing. She and Oryan are on a crash course that could decide the fate of billions.

Meanwhile, warriors from another time known as Archides are backed into a corner. The man who brought down their galaxy-spanning empire is taking advantage of the turmoil and threatens to conquer this world as he did their ancient home.

Desperate for victory, the Archides try to recruit Oryan to their cause yet his only desire is to protect the woman he loves and the

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure