The Jigsaw Blade: The Bizarre Blades Book 1

by Stevie Collier

He always dreamed of becoming a champion. But finding a mythical sword could cut his life short…

Finn Featherstone longs to trade in his paintbrush for a legendary Bizarre Blade. One day, after heroically rescuing a young girl and coming face-to-face with his sword-fighting idol, he is shocked to learn he is being drafted as a foot soldier. A few days later the army caravan he is a part of is attacked by a pack of sabertooth tigers. While trying to survive, Finn finds himself crashing through the ice where he mistakenly discovers a magical blade of his very own.

Introduced to a world of champions jealous of his random find, Finn struggles to master his sword’s sludge-spitting bad attitude. Surrounded by dubious allies, he must somehow find the courage to battle the prehistoric creatures that roam the land as well as trying to survive the freezing elements. And when a traitor takes down Finn’s fellow champions, the former painter must tame his angsty weapon in a hurry if he has any hope of winning the fight of his life.

Can Finn command his deranged blade before his dreams of glory come to a bloody end?

The Jigsaw Blade is the first book in the refreshingly unique Bizarre Blades sword and sorcery fantasy series. If you like plucky heroes, wacky humor, and ferocious prehistoric creatures, then you’ll love Stevie Collier’s swashbuckling tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age