The Jestivan (Erafeen, #1)

by David F. Farris

The world is crumbling, and it’s up to ten elite students of magic to save it.

Bryson only wants to surpass the legend of his dead father–a fairy tale hero whose name holds weight throughout the Light Realm. But after sixteen years of mediocrity, the world has given up on Mendac’s son.

Despite his failures, he is invited into a group of elite students known as the Jestivan and elected one of two captains with nothing to show for it but his last name. Requesting the respect of his peers is one thing; talk is cheap. As they are thrust into a millennium-long feud between two kingdoms, he must earn their respect by leading with composure.

But pressure mounts as someone dear to him is taken and the real identity of his father-figure is exposed. He will infiltrate foreign kingdoms, hunt kings, and fight celestial beings to dispose of those who wrong not only him, but his friends.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age