The Janitor Must Die

by John Fulton

The Diablo Mesa Research Center has just become ground zero for the worst inter-dimensional pest-control problem ever recorded. An experiment went wrong, the power is out, and the facility is swarming with omnicidal alien bugs.

From Nora Hunter’s perspective, things can’t get any worse. She broke in to thwart disaster, and she failed. The fact that she has to team up with someone she doesn’t trust is just icing on the cake.

Josh Murphy is afraid to put a limit on how bad things can get. He’d thought things went pretty sideways the last time he and Nora crossed paths. All he knows is that he’s not brave enough to live with leaving her behind.

What Josh hasn’t told her yet is that he knew she was coming—a strange guy sporting aviators told him so, just before the experiment.

He’s got a feeling he hasn’t really seen crazy. Not yet.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure