The Huntress of Caerlin

by Chris Turner

A clan overrun. A fearless huntress.

Arcadia is defiant daughter of the chief of the Caerlin clan, a peace-loving people recently beset by foreign raiders.

Risgan the relic hunter and his band of adventurers run afoul of the leader of the raiding party, Mygar and his wild huntsmen. He threatens to undermine the clan by taking Arcadia as a trophy and replacing her clan’s protector deity, the unicorn goddess, with a wolf import of his own.

Can Risgan and Arcadia band together to save her people and their traditional ways while the dreaded isks, creatures of darkness, haunt the skies?

The answer may lie in the retrieval of a magic arrow, an ancient talisman that has brought prosperity and peace to Caerlin in past generations. They must hurry…for the unicorn goddess has wandered far while the old gods give way to the new…

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery