The Hunt Begins

by Jason Caldwell

A cult of madmen is planning on replacing the Pope and creating a new Holy Roman Empire. I have abilities not granted to other men. So do my brothers and sisters. Believing that they need to eliminate me and my siblings before moving forward, the cultists have already sent one group of mercenaries after me.

They should have known to never hunt what you can’t kill.

As I travel the globe fighting mercenaries, the last remnants of the Knights Templar, demons and religious fanatics, I’m rescued by Baba Yaga, wield the Lance of St. George and find people I grow to love.

I’m in a race to find my siblings before the cult gets to them. Meanwhile, their death squads are close on my heels. If I fail, the last children of the Nephilim will die and the world will be ruled by power-hungry cultists.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban