The Humanarium

by C.W Tickner

The last human city in the universe is inside an alien’s terrarium.

When we landed on their planet it only took a single alien to capture all of us. Kept as pets, we forgot our history and now live in isolation, trapped inside a landscaped box.

We live in a world hemmed in by four walls and presided over by a titanic alien which sees us as intriguing pets.

At random, a giant hand will descend from an opening in the roof of the world and the colossal grey fingers will steal away one of the few remaining inhabitants.

Most worship the titanic being on the other side of the transparent barrier as a god, providing all we need to live.

Two thousand years later we have forgotten our roots and believe that everything inside the box is our universe, with only the realm of the gods on the outside.

One man will escape the tank and discover a truth that will start a war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure