The Humanarium: An Epic Science Fiction Action Adventure Series

by C.W Tickner

Imagine discovering your entire world was a zoo…

… designed to hold you and the last humans prisoner.

A terrarium to keep us in like insects.

A world forged by an alien. Humanity held hostage and one man determined to take the leash off our species.

When the giant hand steals away Harl Eriksson’s parents he becomes an orphan and swears vengeance on the titanic alien that rules over his world.

Forced to live in a glass fronted box, his entire village is at the mercy of the god that peers in at them.

He hates the “god” that his fellow captors adore. He sees no “god,” only a giant monster that ripped his family from him.

He must break free and destroy the creature that treats them like insects.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

The Humanarium 2: Orbital

by C.W Tickner

What if your ancestors were aliens?

Harl leaves the Aylen world, bound for the harsh frontier of space. Discovering an ancient human ship drifting in orbit they dock in a storm of explosions.

Their arrival throws a delicate ecosytem into chaos and they will risk everything and everyone just trying to survive.

All they must do is cooperate but humanity has never been very good at that.

Once more join Harl’s adventure in the second Humanarium series book, Orbital.
Taking this exciting and dangerous world to a new level, Harl and those he has gathered to him must face new perils, forcing them to come face to face with an Aylen for the first time.

Book two of the Humanarium series.

Previously $3.99