The Humanarium 1-3 Box set

by C.W Tickner

Our world is a prison…

… a zoo made for humans…
and no one suspects that we are the main attraction.

When the giant hand steals away Harl Eriksson’s parents he becomes an orphan and swears vengeance on the titanic alien that rules over his world.
Forced to live in a glass fronted box, his entire village is at the mercy of the god that peers in at them.
He hates the “god” that his fellow captors adore. He sees no “god,” only a giant monster that ripped his family from him.
He must break free from the tank and destroy the creature that treats them like insects.

But how to kill a thousand foot alien and live to tell the tale?

“Sci-fi at its very best!” – Amazon reviewer
“I consider this book an instant classic.” – Amazon reviewer
“The world is unique and amazing!” – Amazon Reviewer

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure