The House of Lost Spirits

by Einat Shimshoni

Thoughts of death are natural when life is pretty depressing, but what happens when accidentally, the intention becomes a reality?
16-year-old Noga is an intelligent young woman, though a bit depressive, who feels contempt for her parents and their bourgeois way of life.
These confusing emotions lead her to make a decision from where there is no way back.
She finds herself in an abandoned house where her steps leave no marks nor can her fingers wipe the dust off the antique furniture.
Very soon she discovers there are five spirits living in the house, who all share something in common. The reason they are there, and have not moved on, is the direct result of their own choices. Now however, their choices are being put to the test.
Will the residents of the house manage to free themselves from the ties that bind them and move on, or will those walls continue to be their fortress?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban