The Horn King

by Alaric Longward

In the world of Aldheim, humans serve the great elven houses faithfully, or die.

If you are a human who happens to hate elves with a passion, no other job is better in Aldheim, than that of an assassin.

Gutty is very good at this job. He and his team of misfits execute their contracts not only with skill, but passion.

And yet, even such a talented killer can occasionally go too far, and so, Gutty is faced with a choice. Serve your enemy elf on a suicidal mission, or get booted from the guild, and be hunted by everyone.

There is no choice. There is no discussion. Gutty sets out to find a lost, perilous treasure with his new elven masters, who know a great deal about him. Soon, they find themselves in a trouble few humans, or even elves could survive.

And yet, Gutty is not exactly a human. Not strictly, that is.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery