The Hidden

by Ethan Sandlow

Fenris is like no other werewolf that has ever lived. His past is shrouded in time and mystery. For centuries he has walked the earth, leaving nobody alive who had the misfortune to discover his identity. Much to his dislike, he has recently discovered that a seed of a conscience has started to pester the fringes of his mind.

By chance, he comes across two shapeshifters who are agents of an organization called the Faction. A secret group that has been killing beings with certain talents for generations. Intrigued to know why the Faction is showing an interest in a girl who seems ordinary, to say the least; he watches.

Against his better judgment, he decides to help her. A decision that will bring him into the open, and risk the Faction finally discovering what and who he is.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban