The Herc Braveman Adventures: A Golden Age Sci-Fi Comedy

by Herschel K. Stroganoff

Herc Braveman is the most heroic guy in the universe—fact.

When the spandex mines are about to be unionised, who do you call?

When robots throw a planet back to the dark ages, who will ride a space horse into battle?

When a space ambassador offers his daughter’s hand in marriage, how fast will Herc run away?

Faced with the ever-present threat of Space Communists and armed with only his wits, good looks, and an awesome ray-gun—plus a really cool ship and robot slave—all Herc wants to do is conquer… er, save the galaxy, and its women. Because that’s his job, damn it.

Brought to you by Quantum Cigarettes and Quantum Lights, the Herc Braveman Adventures is snowflake-melting comedic science fiction for fans of South Park, Rick and Morty, and Jordan Peterson.

If you like fast action, heroic heroes, and exotic space beauties, you’ll love Herschel K. Stroganoff’s parody.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera