The Hammer Falls

by Travis Heermann

Can a battered pit fighter save the woman he loves before his heart gives out for good?

Horace “The Hammer” Harkness is a gene-modified pit fighter twenty years past his prime. He loves the life of screaming fans and thundering theme music, but too many injuries and resurrections have wrecked his heart. If he loses one more match, game over.

Now his big comeback is in deep, deep trouble. If he fails, how will he repay all the money he borrowed to finance this fiasco?

And then there’s Lilly, the aging exotic dancer who might just care about this broken down bruiser, if only she didn’t have a closet full of her own demons.

In a world of blood-drenched circuses, corporate oligarchy, and fleeting fame, can a battered pit fighter outsmart the Russian cyber-syndicate before they exact revenge on Lilly? Or will he die trying?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure