The Great Solar Storm – The Complete Series Box Set: A CME Survival Thriller

by Kellee L. Greene

After her mother’s sudden death, Melaney Carter travels hundreds of miles to deal with the inherited property while seeking solace from her obsessed ex-boyfriend and her dreaded upcoming college exams. The neglected house, a result of her mother’s hoarding, demands major work, but Mel is determined to clean it so she can sell it and move on.

But when a solar storm hits, everything changes. The power grid goes down, and chaos erupts in a way no one could have seen coming.

It doesn’t take long for Mel to realize that no one is coming to save her. She must fend for herself in a dangerous new world where every moment brings a new danger.

Will she be able to rise to the challenge and outlast the darkness, or will she, like many others, be consumed by it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic