The Gray Isles

by F.T. McKinstry

In a northern realm cloaked in legends and storms, lives a secret. For thousands of years it lay only in the imaginations of sailors. Now, it has surfaced; first to Eadred, an assassin banished by his own kind after being cursed by a witch; and then to Hemlock, a fisherman’s son orphaned by the sea.

Lorth of Ostarin is a formidable wizard who serves the old powers. What appears to him as a quarrel between Eadred and Hemlock swiftly deteriorates into a manhunt that plunges him into a tricky world of visions, myths and politics through which he discovers that Hemlock is not what he seems.

Racing time, Lorth must bare his sword against an army, violate discretion and risk his own stature in order to free Hemlock from the clutches of daimonic transformation before he unleashes the forces of earth and sea on the mortal world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic