The Golden Scarab of Balihar

by Michael Grayford

The fate of a kingdom rests in the hands of a servant with no power but her will.

In a kingdom surrounded by the ever-flowing sands of ancient Persia, servant girl Zahra’s world is upended when she interrupts a plot by the nefarious vizier to control the prince with dark magic. After accidentally causing Prince Amir to fall under a love spell meant for another, Zahra is forced to flee into the perilous desert sands.

With only a mysterious map leading the way, Zahra and love-struck Amir embark on a dangerous quest to find the mythical Golden Scarab and release the wish-granting jinni inside. Battling sandstorms and giant scorpions, they discover the hidden cave of Balihar and meet the cantankerous jinni Nadim. But claiming the relic comes at a cost, and soon betrayal and demons threaten to destroy the kingdom Zahra hoped to save.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends