The Gold Service

by Allen Ivers

The crew of the transport Aurum just wanted to con their way to their next meal: a job was a job, even if it involved stealing and a bit of bloodshed. But their next job comes care of an Imperial Admiral and he’s got a lead on an item thought lost to history. The Icon of Cruciform, a holy relic rumored to possess the unprecedented healing power. Real or not, the Empire wants it back, and it’s currently sitting in a crime lord’s vault. So these criminals will have to buy, cheat, or steal it back—or face the punishment of law themselves. Assembling a found family of malcontents, they dive headfirst into the grimy neon-strobed crime world of Delta Boolean, finding unusual allies and unexpected foes at every turn. And they find themselves opposed not by greedy opportunistic pirates, but by a steely eyed Imperial Officer who seems dead-set on ensuring the Icon is never found…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera