The Gods of Men

by Barbara Kloss

Sable doesn’t know her music holds power over souls–not until, at age nine, she plays her flute before the court and accidentally stops her baby sister’s heart, killing her. Horrified by what she’s done and fearing for her life, she flees north, out of Provincial jurisdiction and into the frigid land of exiles and thieves, known as The Wilds. There, Sable lives in hiding, and survives as a healer. But now, ten years later, someone–or something–is hunting her.

On the run again, Sable’s best chance for survival is Jos, a lethal man from the Wilds who claims to need her skills as a healer to save his father. Sable soon discovers she’s just the start of a necromancer’s plan to take over the Provinces, and she’s the only one with the power to stop it. But harnessing her forbidden power means revealing it to the world, and the dangerous Provincial, Jos, she’s beginning to fall for.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic