The Glory

by J.R. Mabry

Berkeley is a smoldering ruin. Bloodthirsty demons prowl the streets.
A revenge-crazed magician ascends into heaven, vowing to bring it down in flames.

When Brian discovers Terry has cheated on him he is utterly devastated, and flees to San Francisco to sort through the rubble of his life…

When magicians open the gates of hell, the Blackfriars scramble to stop them from turning the East Bay into a nightmarish wasteland of torture and mayhem…

While everyone is looking the other way, a lone magician ascends through the planes of heaven with one mission in mind: kill God and bring the Kingdom of Heaven down in flames…

Wounded, bickering, and utterly incapable of handing the situation, the Blackfriars call on Brian to put things right. But if he’s not capable of even holding onto a boyfriend, how can he possibly muster the confidence needed to save heaven and earth?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban