The Girl Without Magic

by Megan O’Russell

Maggie Trent is dead.

At least that’s what she thinks when she falls out of our world and into the Siren’s Realm.

When a man who’s survived centuries shows Maggie the true wonders of the Siren’s Realm, miraculous magic she’d never dreamt of seems within reach.

But all magic comes with a price, and mysteries lurk beneath the promise of adventure.

With secrets hiding behind every beauty, Maggie can’t tell where the lies begin.

Can the man who’s shown her wonders be trusted with her life?

Will she be brave enough to protect the one who longs to claim her heart?

Is there a way to break free from the Siren’s Realm?

There’s only one thing Maggie can be certain of―the paradise she found is more dangerous than the world that took her life.

Magic demands sacrifice.

Hope is a fatal vice.

Welcome to the Siren’s Realm.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age