The Girl with the Red Lantern

by K.N. Lee

The Matchmaker calls…

…and only the gifted will be selected.

As Mei plans to meet the infamous Matchmaker, she wonders what exactly she has been selected for. It’s revealed that a husband is not her prize, but rare magical powers, and a chance to meet the Red Emperor.

When a beast comes to claim her, she has no one to rely on but herself.

After a mysterious teacher, and three master warriors come to assist her on her quest, secrets are revealed, and Mei is faced with reclaiming her birthright.

A golden dragon.

In Russia, an exiled prince also quests to reclaim what was once lost. And, when their dreamscapes collide it becomes clear that their destiny is one and the same.

Embark on an epic journey to an alternate reality that explores ancient China and Russia, where tradition, honor, magic, and intrigue collide in an emotional adventure that will leave readers breathless.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic