The Giants Project

by D.H. Lightning

Atlas Spektor, sarcastic child prodigy, has been genetically engineered in a lab as part of a confidential government project. At the tender age of ten, Atlas is forced to attend Openmind, a faraway boarding school for the gifted children from the project. Soon, strange things start happening to him, which compel Atlas and his new schoolmates to search for answers. Their quest for the truth unravels the mind-blowing reason behind the children’s creation, and the incredible scientific breakthrough that has led to their origin project. Yet, they also come to learn that their creation comes with an impending death sentence, since their mere existence poses a threat to national security, and their time is running out. With only their incredible brains at their disposal, they must race to save their lives and defeat the ruthless government agency that created them—or die trying.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering