The Ghost’s Call

by K.C. Adams

Niamh retired from ghost hunting for a reason. That same reason makes her want to keep her teenage daughter far, far away from anything to do with the supernatural.

But when she returns to her hometown after a bitter divorce, her plans are ruined.

A ghost wants her daughter Edie’s help.

Seventeen-year-old Edie is eager to prove herself. She’s desperate to help as many ghosts as she can. But how can she when her mother won’t even teach her the basics of being a ghost hunter?

Niamh and Edie are about to discover you can only suppress who you are for so long. And why the right people – living and dead – by their side just might just make or break them.

Discover a whole new world of ghosts, magic, and love in Afterlife Calls. It’s a little bit spooky, sprinkled with romance, and seriously sarcastic.

Afterlife Calls is perfect for fans of Charmed, Supernatural, or Ghost Whisperer.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary