The Gate Run

by Elina Vale

Shri Moongale wants to be free. She wants to see the world and its wonders but she is a slave, captivated inside the Pit, living the life of a slave. She sees the huge tower Spike’s peak above the walls and knows that all her dreams could come true there. There, she could learn to do magic.

Her only chance is to enter the cruel game called the Gate Run.

When she steps through the Gate One, she will meet exotic, terrible monsters, assured pain, betrayal, and a set of golden brown eyes…
They say that no woman has survived the Run, and nearly every man who enters, dies. To turn dreams into reality, all must be risked.

Will Shri Moongale make it through the Gate Run? Will she become what she is destined to become and challenge the evil brewing inside the Spike?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery