The Fourth Channel

by Jen Kirchner

For years, Kari Hunter’s fooled the world into thinking she’s just your average rock star, but Kari has a secret she keeps from her family, friends, and fans…

Kari Hunter is a necromancer.

The rarest and most powerful of all magic-born, necromancers are notorious for leaving a trail of sacrifices in their wake.

But Kari isn’t interested in hurting anyone. Everyone she stabs gets a bandage and a lollipop, and whenever her talking sacrificial knives get too excited by the prospect of violence, she puts them in time-out… in her lingerie drawer.

One epic resignation letter and a baffling prophecy are all it takes to start unraveling her secret. When an agent of voodoo master RuairĂ­ O’Bryne catches Kari using her powers, her secret’s out.

And when RuairĂ­ finds out who Kari is, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his next sacrifice.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban